An Introduction

While I have been active in online forums and blogging for almost a decade it has only recently become clear to me that a shift occurred (that I was not a part of!).  When I began blogging and interacting there were very few grad students and fewer professors blogging and so (in my circles) there was a relatively equal playing field for interaction.

Over time those undergrad students continued their academic careers and others joined in.  This has resulted in some truly high level and consequently specialized online spaces for critical and confessional theology.  I did not continue along the same path and it took me some time to realize I was no longer ‘one of the gang’.  To the extent that I continued trying to fit into these modes I found myself frustrated (and frustrating) while my intellectual pursuits became increasingly divorced from my professional role as a pastor.

This blog is my attempt at opening a space for what, at this point, I can only call descriptive pastoral theology.  I hope to not abandon my interests in critical theology and theory but I do hope to work from a clear ‘place’ which is as a pastor.  I call this work descriptive for personal reasons.  Some of the most formative works of fiction, theology and philosophy have been those which are simple and profound acts of description.  I realize that this term and idea needs much more unpacking . . . but that is the whole point.

And what haunts this all is Jesus’ relentless call to all those with eyes to see.  And so I am hoping de-scribe in the double movement away from the scribal task of securing discourse towards the eternal posture of seeing and therefore enacting the biblical vision of heaven.


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