God Help the Child

This is an altogether and completely common occurrence.  Someone is introduced.  They are introduced by their credentials.  My church conference issues curriculum every few months and with it there is usually a new ‘Bible insight writer’.  I never read the introduction to this person but I happened across it this morning.

Dr. X is chair of the Philosophy and Religion Department at Y College.  He won the National Sears Roebuck Foundation Award for Excellence in Teaching, Tenured Professor of the Year, and twice was named Who’s Who Professor of Year.  He’s taught on four continents and published articles in Harvard Divinity Review as well as other prominent journals.

So what does this tell us?  He has been stamped with institutional approval.  This is our assurance of quality.  But wait . . . there’s more.

His wife, GodHelpHer, is Professor Emerita at Y College.  X’s Son, PoorKid, is engaged in post-doctoral research on global warming at the University of B, S.  X’s daughter, SecondBest, works in business management.

What is going on here!?  Does this help us to know Dr. X better?  Or worse yet does this help us to trust him more?  This made me honestly a little sick reading this.  God help the poor soul in church blessed with wisdom who can’t hold down a job due to his depression and who’s child is humping some other dead-end job to pay rent.  Sorry we have already determined that no such insight will be gleaned from you . . . but maybe if you listen to Dr. X he will give you some hope in the midst of trials . . . keep faith.


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