Hippie Caught Off Gaurd

I have no actual comment or insight with regards to the recent protest at the University of California Davis campus.  However, I could not resist posting this picture that I saw at Zunguzungu.

Notice the sandal-clad-scarf-wearing-bongo-drum-toting student in the background with his hands up.  Oh my, what have we gotten ourselves into!?


2 comments on “Hippie Caught Off Gaurd

  1. zunguzungu says:

    Actually, it was at UC Mission Bay, a medical campus without many students, which is why they held their “public meeting” there. They’re required to hold their meetings at an open campus, but since they don’t actually want students to have a voice in decisions, they hold it at an isolated campus and militarize the hell out of it. IT is a funny picture. But the point of the location is that it actually took quite an effort to get to the campus; none of the student protesters were under any illusions about what they were getting into.

  2. Thanks for the clarification. Definitely a knee-jerk reaction on my part . . . or just a jerk reaction at any event.

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