O Blogger Where Art Thou?

A great silence it seems has fallen across the theo-blogosphere.

Ben Myers has become sporadic and relatively uninteresting.

Halden Doerge has been reduced to throwing up quotes and meta-observations on blogging.

David Congdon flared up for a moment but I doubt that will be sustained.

D W Horstkoetter is ABD but that has not affected his output.

Church and PoMo Culture is simply flat.

Dan and memoria dei post less often but are usually worth the wait.

Where shall I go from here?  I rely on the kindness of strangers for my theological engagement.

It seems AUFS remains the primary and most high level theology (related) blog (and it would cringe to be so named!).

Perhaps WIT and Jesus Radicals can also fill some of the void.

Who is emerging to take the place of these  stewards of virtual discourse?  Am I missing something? O blogger where art thou?


13 comments on “O Blogger Where Art Thou?

  1. Jeremy says:

    I love this post. It’s so passive-aggressive

  2. Jeremy says:

    Well, it may just actually be aggressive. Although I do appreciate you calling out F&T. He hasn’t posted anything on there for years.

  3. In many ways it was just meant to be a lament. Although the subtext may be that there seems to be a type of tenure in blogging. Many of these folk established themselves earlier in their education and have retained a sort of respectability that makes them a hub of conversation even if they just put up quotes. My assumption is that they have gone on to ‘real’ work and ‘real’ life. Nothing wrong with that of course but I do wonder if there are some new blogs that I don’t know about where they are kicking ass and taking names.

    • Thanks for the HT, skholiast. It produced some ‘incoming’ from david’s site that alerted me to your recommend.

      My creds are pretty low, based on years lived on the planet rather than PhD, and I’m completely unaffiliated and unchurched, so I don’t fit the usual blogger categories. But thanks – I do put alot into my reading and writing and glad you have noticed.

      I’ll be doing a reading event with Jeremy after New Year’s (mostly older material he still needs to get from the liberal tradition) but that can only help my street cred.

  4. Dan says:

    Glad I’m worth the wait.

    I’ve been feeling similar things about the blogs for awhile as well.

  5. […] CL Driedger put up a few days back a post about how many of the blogs he reads have gone rather silent. I’m on the list, which would be a correct characterization of my blog posts of […]

  6. There might be a female or two with something to say ; ) http://percaritatem.com

  7. P.s. I also recommend this blog (he’s a colleague and friend of mine): http://therelativeabsolute.wordpress.com/

  8. Cynthia, I think your blog fell off my rss feed during a period when you were doing some systematic stuff that I wasn’t as interested in at the time. Seeing Foucault in your most recent post is certainly incentive to put it back on!

  9. David–I totally understand. I see that you’ve posted in the past on Agamben, Deleuze and Guatarri (whom I know embarrassingly little about but plan to remedy that post-dissertation), and Goodchild. Send me a line when you post on these figures in the future.

    With all good wishes,

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