2011 – A Year of Living Existentially

Seeing some prospective plans for 2011 and more impressively seeing some accomplished plans from 2010 (I’ll let you identify the theme) I thought I would set out my own grand vision for 2011 . . . a year of living existentially.  Kierkegaard in a year.  I will be following the trajectory of Princeton’s edition of Kierkegaard’s Writings.  I do not have all volumes on hand so it is difficult to set a ‘pace’ but hell I thought I would throw this up in a fit of passion and triumph victorious by 2012 or let me good blogging name be sullied in the process.  Here is the list;

May God have mercy on my soul.


4 comments on “2011 – A Year of Living Existentially

  1. Well this is an ambitious project. I have read almost half this corpus (but over so many years that recall is weak) so I’ll be watching for your inspirational questions and insights here.

    You might time your reading of Philosophical Fragments so that you can join JRidenour and others (including me if I can keep up) when the group reads it I think sometime in March – Jeremy’s got a long list with that one thing of SK’s in it.


  2. Thanks. I have read most of the major works once already so that should be helpful. Plus many of these are after all ‘upbuilding’ (remind me of that when I wade into The Concept of Anxiety. Plus the initiative should also come from a thesis project that is the works. So I am trying to stack a few things in my favour here . . .

  3. Kampen says:

    Do you have a schedule?

  4. Unfortunately not. I do not have all the volumes in my possession and the Princeton editions are difficult to gauge as almost half the volume is usually made up of supplemental material. The list, as it stands, is generally chronological and that is how I will be following it . . . with a few exceptions.
    I am not nearly so organized as some of the other reading groups out there!

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