Der Prozeß – Day 25

»Ich will doch Frau Grubach -«, sagte K., machte eine Bewegung, als reiße er sich von den zwei Männern los, die aber weit von ihm entfernt standen, und wollte weitergehen.

“I would like Mrs Grubach – “, said K., making one motion, he tore himself away from the two men, even though stood far away from him, wanting to go on.


2 comments on “Der Prozeß – Day 25

  1. Kampen says:

    I’ve been following some of your translation and this story sounds increasingly interesting. I wonder though whether you might not want to say “making a motion, as if tearing himself away from the two men, though standing far away from him, and wanted to go on”. I suggest this because the “als” in the German suggests the English equivalent of “as if” (Ger. “als ob”) to tear himself away. It is descriptive of the motion he makes, he doesn’t actually tear himself away from the two men, since they are in fact standing far away from him. I don’t consider myself a translation expert but growing up speaking German I thought I might offer my 2 cents on the matter.

  2. Thanks. I grew up not understanding Low German so I certainly defer to you. I rely heavily on helps for these translations but I do find the French much simpler to grasp. I love the way both of these texts are unfolding at this pace even though their style is drastically different. Thanks again, chime in any time.

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