Well I finally came to the conclusion that my (almost) daily translations are a bit cluttering for this space.  Given that consideration in addition to some ideas of other translations I decided to start a second blog writing in tongues which will house those projects.

In addition to the post on Kafka and Proust as well as some coming posts on Louis Riel I also hope to post some Hebrew recipes and eventually dabble in Arabic . . . eventually.  Google translate is a great aid to get some momentum.

In any event in case you missed it here are a few post that may have got buried.

Original boredom and solving our financial crisis

The mockery of careful planning

I am a feel good story; Or, What would Zizek do?


5 comments on “Updates

  1. Kampen says:

    How’s your Arabic?

  2. My Arabic is non-existent. I am simply hopeful that with a pretty good base in Hebrew and a practical grammar I can begin to dabble.

  3. Kampen says:

    If you’re actually interested in learning some basic Arabic try this:

    It’s how I taught myself to read and write when I was in Cairo.

  4. Sorry that last comment got lost in spam for a bit. Do you still have a copy?

  5. Kampen says:

    Unfortunatley not. It was on loan to me from the NGO I worked with in Cairo.

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