But its a dry cold . . .

I lived in southern Ontario for a short five years.  In that time I came to believe in something called a wet cold.  As you can suspect this is the inverse of the saying about heat, in that a wet temperature is always a worse experience than a dry one.  In any event, I came to believe it.  Yes the the temperature was not nearly so low as it was back home in Manitoba but the dampness got into your bones.  Well we are in the last weekend of February here in Winnipeg and the next two nights are slated for overnight lows of around -30 C (I will not get into windchill factor).  So to all you in Ontario with your poor wet snow . . . I call bullshit.

Oh yes and happy Festival du Voyageur!




One comment on “But its a dry cold . . .

  1. […] – Like most, Kierkegaard is one of my favourite thinkers. Also like most, I lament that I do not have time to read as much Kierkegaard as I would want. David C.L. Driedger is helpfully blogging through Kierkegaard’s works for those of us who don’t read as much K as we would like over at The De-Sciribe. There’s lot of theology over there as well, which is good. Plus he’s Canadian and knows the theological significance of -40 degree weather. […]

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