Signs of spring . . .

. . . . in my neighbourhood.

slobz die here

(fortunately there was no blood under the arrow) This is the first tag on our garage door (showed up yesterday).  We have always lived in apartments and things somehow feel different now.

I forgot what it was like to go through winter and enter spring in a ‘bad’ Canadian neighbourhood (we moved back to Winnipeg after a three year stint in ‘rural’ Ontario).  Winter puts general traffic on ice.  There was a murder and one incident of having cop cars line the streets (false alarm I heard).  But the general movement is stilled and quiet.  No random screams or scuffles in the back alley (generally).  With the first few comfortable days of spring here (yes we are in April) I noticed stir.  Part of it is wonderful.  Kids tearing around on bikes.  Youth walking around able to look badass again without having to wear layers of clothing (though sky-masks can look really badass in winter).  But I also remember now that a certain level of vulnerability seeps out in the neighbourhood.  The vulnerability was of course always there but it was more concentrated around domestic incidents and targeted internal gang violence.  Now I can expect to encounter more threatening language and can expect to hear unpleasant things out on the street and hear more activity in the alley.

My wife was troubled by our recent tag.  Prior to this I had been thinking about intentionally tagging dumpsters with images and text that would someone get people thinking about power structures beyond the typical engagement I see happening in these neighbourhoods.  Hopefully I will post some further thoughts on that.


2 comments on “Signs of spring . . .

  1. Kampen says:

    I support those prior thoughts.

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