Counter tagging

In an earlier post reflecting on my experience trying to learn the language of tagging in my back lane I made the passing comment about wanting to create my own tags that might, at least for an instant, give some fence-sitting kid pause.  Well it looks like someone beat me to the punch.  A couple of tags have shown up down my back lane that look to be from the same individual.

I have to say that I actually quite like these tags.  When I thought of doing one I considered creating some expression of care; some sort of ‘I love you’ sentiment.  It seemed so ridiculous to me.  Why would such a sentiment scrawled on a dumpster mean anything?  In thinking about a tag I was always assuming myself as the subject.  In these tags, however, symbols prominent in First Nations culture create the orientation for the text.  I do not assume to know what some First Nations youth might associate these images with but so far as spreading constructive images I thought these were not half bad.


2 comments on “Counter tagging

  1. Kampen says:

    This is nice to see. From what I have learned, in Aboriginal culture/spirituality the eagle is the greatest omen, a gift from the Creator for peace, kindness, and love. The turtle symbolizes truth, and sometimes also fertility.

  2. abdishikr says:

    i have seen this one lately: “Calm down, listen to a brother who knows”, which is most probably quote from a rap lyric, but posted around west end winnipeg it reads like a caution to the gangbangers to sober second thoughts. Question: is it immoral to tag graffiti, if the message is moral, and counters the antisocial tendencies of gang culture?

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