Somebody’s crying

My son is entering a steep learning curve in his language development.  He is just over two and is started to string together 3 and 4 word sentences together.  But more than that I recently noticed the transition he is making in understanding the value of clear communication.  Salem never went through anything I would call colic and even teething was not too bad.  But he would still cry as a form of communication and mostly communication as protest.  For instance in learning how to settle himself down to go to sleep there would be periods of crying.  After awhile though he seemed to realize that naps are not so bad and so stopped crying.  I think he is now starting to transition out of nap time (Lord help my wife) and so he is again starting to cry when we leave the room for his naps.  The crying now is different.  It is no longer a passionate plea but a more measured action.  As such it appears that he is thinking about why he is crying.  And so after crying (somewhat halfheartedly) he will stop, there will be a pause of silence, and then he will begin saying crying, crying periodically.  It is as though he now understands that verbalization should be a more direct and effective form of communication.  Just in case you were not clear mom and dad I am crying . . . crying as you should know means something is not right and I would like your help in rectifying it.


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